Thursday Prayer Room is CLOSED: June - August 2017

Welcome to the Prayer Room

Currently we are hosting Prayer Watches on these days:

Monday evening 6 – 8

→There is an appointed overseer who will facilitate the watch, this leader will keep things on track and help with any questions.

Here are some details that will help you get familiar with what we are doing here in the Prayer Room

  • Please know that you may come and go as you need
  • Most likely you are seeing the International House of Prayer live webcast. You can learn more at ihopkc.org
  • Please feel free to pray at the altar, walk and pray, or sit. You may use the banners, and you may dance before the Lord (we ask that you use discretion of others and make certain this is ministering to the Lord.

It is typical for those in the Prayer Room to gather and pray with a focused direction about 30 minutes or so into the watch.  The watch leader will know what the main theme is. We will pray in unity on one accord until the prayer time is opened for any special requests.

Special Events

OneCall OneVoice July 29th at 6PM

See details below